Medlow Bath

VR Climbing Guidebook for Medlow Bath


Virtual reality climbing guidebook


Sporting Complex

A stunning orange wall with a magnificent view of Megalong Valley. Routes are in the mid’s 20 and up to 35 metres high, so take a 70 metres rope. Easy access but you need to abseil to the base of the wall. Sun hits the wall after lunch so get early to enjoy the day.

Things to look for:

Views of Megalong Valley

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Virtual reality climbing guidebook


The Underworld

The Underworld is like the old saying, small sector but packed with great routes and quite different to the usual climbing in the Blue Mountains. Really good sector for rainy days and summer, since the sun barely hit the wall early in the morning and then it spends the whole day in shade.Easily accessible by car and train and the walking approach is about 30 min or less. You could say that you could climb here all year long, however the ideal seasons are Spring (Sep-Nov) and Autumn (Mar- May). I would suggest a 60 metres rope for this sector.

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Virtual reality climbing guidebook