When the lockdown started I really did not have anywhere to go but the beach, so I started taking surfing shots, and since I already Read more
  You will find the following areas when climbing along Yalwal Road: Thompson’s Point, Afterburner and Yalwal. Usually this is known as Nowra. I have Read more
@sasha_gerzha taking a break while climbing North by Northwest (30/8a+) at the Pit, Blue Mountains. Check out this area at   #Climbing #ClimbingGuidebook#VirtualReality #escalada #guiadeescalada#realidadvirtual Read more
I have never tried it but it certainly got to feel great when you are touching the barrel.Check out more photos at #surfing #surfinglife Read more
This is the moment you have been training for, the crux, the difference between sending or falling. Here is climbing  Spider Puss (26/7b+) at Waterfall Read more
@oscrackcortes from Mexico 🇲🇽 climbing at Waterfall Wall. You can see him here clipping the draw just before the crux of Crunch (27/7c) at Waterfall Read more
The  weekend I witnessed some big waves at Sandon Point. I will be posting more shots soon, hope you enjoy them.   Check out more Read more
@jingyunwong climbing Don’t Believe the Tripe (29/8a). This photo is from the post-send. If you want to see more about Boronia Point, Blue Mountains, check Read more
  This is the local motion  at #sandonpoint. This is my third attempt for a #panningshot hope you guys enjoy it. #surfing #surfinglife #surfingphotography #surfingaustralia #surfingvr Read more
I call this one when the sun shines at The Pit, Blue Mountains. @ange_malysheva climbing Sword of Damocles (28/7c+) If you want to see more Read more