The 360 Subscription

$5.00 every 6 months with 1 day free trial

Credit card details are not required during the free trial. To continue enjoying the features of the site, credit card payment will be required after the free trial period




Frequently Asked Questions

I tried using my coupon but it was rejected?

If you tried using your coupon during the trial period, the system is not going to accept it. You will be able to use your coupon after the trial period finishes and you are require to pay.

What payment methods are accepted by The 360 Guide?

The 360 Guide accept either credit cards payments (via Stripe) or PayPal (you need to have a PayPal Account). For the specific case of subscriptions, we recommend to use Stripe. The reasons are:

PayPal does not support upgrading or downgrading a subscription

PayPal controls the schedule for charging recurring payments and batch processes payments, so payments are not processed exactly when due. Instead, PayPal processes a payment within 24 hours of due date. For example, if a recurring payment is due at 2pm on 1st July, PayPal may charge that payment anytime between 12:00am and 11:59pm on the 1st of July. Depending on your timezone, this may cause payments to be processed on a different day than customer signup.

If a payment is held at PayPal because it is in a currency not supported by the merchant’s PayPal account, when that payment is accepted at, PayPal does not send an IPN message to notify The 360 Guide that the payment has been completed. That means there is no way to automatically update the order’s status for the transaction

What devices can I use with my 360 Guide Subscription?

The 360 Subscription allows you to access the 360 Guide website across your devices, desktop or mobile.

Can you see the virtual tour offline?

For the time being the virtual tours are only accessible online

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please read more in our Terms & Conditions

Are virtual tours available in different languages?

Unfortunately the content of virtual tours is only available in English. However they have been designed so they can be easily understood in any language.

Where can I get help about how to use the virtual tours?

Please visit our About page and scroll down to instruction videos


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