This downloadable contains:

The Fear Factory – Panoramic views only

Sissy Crag – Panoramic views only

Download this tour for free and test it in you Mobile Device or desktop.

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Please read carefully

The following features will not work in the offline version:

External Links


Virtual Reality set

Downloading tours directly to iOS devices to watch tours offline:

Downloading tours directly to Desktop/PC to watch tours offline:

Uploading tour to Android devices to watch tours offline

Android devices require to purchase a third party application

What is the timeframe to download this tour?

Since this tour is for testing purposes the link to download the tours will not expire, but the link in the other tours will expire in seven (7) days.

How many downloads do I have?

Since this tour is for testing purposes there are no limits on how many time you can download this tour. However, for the other tours there will be a limit of three times to cover any problems while downloading the tour and any additional download that you want to make for an additional device.


Unlike the subscription service, the downloadables accept either credit cards payments (via Stripe) or PayPal (you need to have a PayPal Account) without any preference.

Create an account

there is no need for an account when purchasing the downloadable tours, however,  we suggest to create an account. It will be easier to retrieve any files.

What devices can I use view my 360 Guide downloadable tour?

You can use any device that use iOS or Android

Are virtual tours available in different languages?

Unfortunately the content of virtual tours is only available in English. However they have been designed so they can be easily understood in any language.

Where can I get help about how to use the virtual tours?

Please visit our About page and scroll down to instruction videos


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