The 360 Guide, the virtual reality guidebook

The 360 guide project came about As I was getting close to the age of a midlife crisis. I started wondering what I was going to do when I was  to retire. Since I have enjoyed photography since an early age, I thought that becoming a photographer was a good Idea, so I started thinking what kind of photography I would be good at. Given my passion for rock climbing one of the  first thing that came to my mind was landscaping photography, but at the time I sort of discarded the idea since I thought it would take really long time to build a portfolio. I then started to work in architectural photography and partnered with my wife to build a website about drawing and photography for architectural purposes. Turned out that building a portfolio for this purpose was really difficult since you can imagine that not many people is eager to lend their houses to a bunch of strangers for the purpose of building a portfolio. At that point that I was having difficulties putting together the portfolio, and due to my passion for rock climbing I started imagining what it would be to create a virtual reality guidebook of the climbing areas near my city, and was at this point that I got involved into this idea of creating these photographs. I wanted to show everyone how everything is linked together, what the surroundings really looks like, and by doing that, I hope I will encourage people to care and look after the environment. I once heard an aboriginal person saying: “Money comes and go, but the land just go and never comes back”.
Mainly this is a comprehensive guide of the Shoalhaven area, which is located in the state of New South Wales, Australia. However I also had the opportunity to go to other places and take some photographs that will give you an idea how these places really are.



I need to thanks :

My parents (Juan & Elizabeth) who gave me life, otherwise I would not be here

My Wife Damayra who literally  walked with me every step of this journey and coped with my tantrums along the way

My children (Diego and Daniel) for patiently joined me in most of the trips

My aunts (Macklensy & Doritza) who has supported me even from far away

My brother (Juan) who installed the first software in my computer and joined me in Flatanger

Jake Noblett who walked and climbed with  me in almost every area featured in this project

Nathan Burling who donated his computer for this project

Alberto Rao, Villan Alayon & Jose Alvarez who made possible the pictures from Spain

Berit Hestnes whose hospitality and support made possible the pictures from Flatanger

Frequently asked questions

Where can I watch these virtual tours?

For the time being the virtual reality guidebooks are only accessible online from desktop and mobile devices

Why some routes have a range instead of a single grade?

In some case the information I’ve got from the climbers and/or the forums did not agree on a single grade, so i decided to gave it a range instead of a single grade

How can I travel between modules without having to close the tour or returning to the database?

This is something that I forgot to include in the “how to” video. Ideally the virtual reality modules should be connected by a link, but at this stage that has not been possible. However if you pay attention to the bottom of the tour window, you will see that there are a line of dots, each dot represent a virtual reality module. So when you click on a dot, that will take you to a virtual reality module.

Why many routes do not have any information about the first ascent?

Our rule is: if the information about the first ascent is not available anywhere and we know the details of the first ascent, then we will publish those details in the tours, otherwise we will not publish any information about the first ascent.

Are virtual tours available in different languages?

Unfortunately the content of the virtual reality guidebooks is only available in English. However they have been designed so they can be easily understood in any language.

I tried using my coupon but it was rejected?

If you tried using your coupon during the trial period, the system is not going to accept it. You will be able to use your coupon after the trial period finishes and you are require to pay.

What payment methods are accepted by The 360 Guide?

The 360 Guide accept either credit cards payments (via Stripe) or PayPal (you need to have a PayPal Account). For the specific case of subscriptions, we recommend to use Stripe. The reasons are:

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