VR Climbing Guidebook for  Flatanger



As soon as you land at Trondheim airport and start driving towards Flatanger you will soon realise the beauty of Norway and the potential for climbing, there are basically walls everywhere.

The road from Trondheim to Flatanger is a bit narrow in some areas and can be tricky at night with Elks (also known as Moose) and deers.

Flatanger is a region that encompass different climbing areas, the VR climbing guidebook for Flatanger focus on Hanshallaren, the most famous of all. Hanshallaren is within the boundaries of a couple of farms, which means this area is within private property. One of those farms is  Strøm Gård, which has turned into Climb Flatanger, a camping ground for all the climbers that want to enjoy this area.

The nearest town from Hanshallaren is Lauvsnes, where you can find a little supermarket, petrol station, accommodation and also nice trails to hike.

Hanshallaren is a grey granite formation with black streaks and some white and yellow coloration that raise up to almost 70 metres at its highest point. If you look at it from a certain angle it looks like a massive wave swallowing a little mountain. There are climbs for everyone in this sector, but most of the climbing grades are higher than 7a+.

The ideal season for this sector is between May and August. There are a lot of mosquitos in this season so be prepared and bring mosquito’s repellent. I would suggest to bring a 70 metres rope to enjoy the full gamut of this sector.

Click on the links below to enjoy the virtual tours for Hanshallaren:

Virtual reality climbing guidebook
Virtual reality climbing guidebook