VR Climbing Guidebook for Queensland



This guidebook  provides information about: Mt Coolum; Mt Tibrogargan and Kangaroo Point


Mt Coolum

Mt Coolum is located in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and it is the Knee-bar paradise. All the routes are sport climbs and  seriously overhanging, ranging from 10 to 35 metres, hence I would recommend a 70 metre rope to enjoy the whole climbing gamut in this area. There are not really warm up, it is head on, the grades range from 18 to 34 . For this place it is essential a stick clip and a pair of knee-pads. There are a couple of homemade stick clips around the place, but if you forget your kneebars, that would be an issue. This is an all year round crag, when it gets too hot you climb at night using torches. The access is ideal for the whole family, however the routes may not be really kids friendly.

Things that caught my attention:

The rock itself, don’t really know how to explain it, you need to see it

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virtual reality climbing guidebook
virtual reality climbing guidebook


Mt Tibrogargan

Mt Tibrogargan is part of the Glasshouse Mountains in QLD. This beauty is over 300 metres high and whether you are a sport or trad climber,  you are guaranteed to find a fantastic route for your preferred climbing style. I just took a couple of pictures in this area so you can have an idea what it looks like. After a long climbing day, stop at Vecchios fruit stall for a fantastic pineapple crush. The only season I would not recommend to climb here would be Jan-Feb, since it gets really hot. The access is generally suitable for the whole family.

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virtual reality climbing guidebook


Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo point is in the middle of Brisbane. The great thing about this place, besides its location, is the number of routes in the area and the fact that you can climb 24/7, since the council installed lights, which are on all night. So consider this a great outdoor gym. Routes are mostly sport and top rope, with some trad lines. The climbs range from 10 to 20 metres. I guess you could say that this an all year round crag, if it gets too hot you can climb at night. I only took a couple of pictures and pinpointed a couple of routes for you to have an idea of the place. This place is suitable for the whole family.

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virtual reality climbing guidebook