VR Climbing Guidebook for Victoria


This guidebook provides information for:  Mt Stapylton, Hollow Mountain and Muline.



Climbing in Mt Stapylton (Taipan Wall), Hollow Mountain and Muline have been banned. Get involved and support The Australian Climbing Association Victoria (ACAV) and the The Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network (GWRN) to find a solution that allow climbers to return to this place.

To prevent further bans, stick to the climbing areas where climbing is allowed and do not open new routes (sport/trad) or boulders.


Mt Stapylton & Hollow Mountain

Taipan Wall is a  finely carved orange wall with black stripes of about 60 metres high and 200 metres long,  is the final result of 50 million years of deposits of sedimentary rocks resulting in in a highly resistant quartzose sandstone. As soon as you get to the base of this wall you immediately understand why this rock formation has seduced so many people of all walk of life around the world. Taipan wall is part of the Grampians National Park, which in aboriginal language is known as Gariwerd.

Some of the routes in this wall involves horizontal traverses, which can result in routes of more than 100 metres in length. The access to the base of taipan wall is about half hour from the car park. I would suggest a 70 metres rope for this area.

Hollow Mountain is behind Taipan Wall or viceversa.This area has heaps of routes to suit any climber. I only took a couple of pictures in this area so you could have a better idea what this place looks like. Hollow Mountain is also called Mt Wudjub-Guyan, which is the aboriginal language.

The best seasons to climb in Taipan wall are either Spring (Sept-Oct) or Autumn (Mar-May). The access is suitable for the whole family.

Things that caught my attention:

The light. It seems that you can take a good picture no matter the time of the day,  given the position of the wall and the movement of the sun.

Click on the link below to enjoy the virtual tours for Taipan Wall and Hollow Mountain:

Virtual reality climbing guidebook
Virtual reality climbing guidebook



I would dare to say that Muline is one of those places where you can go to open your 7 chakras. It is a peaceful place with a finely carved rock. Muline is famous for having the world known climb Eye of the Tiger. I only took a couple of pictures to show you what this place looks like. This place is located in an area where the flora and fauna are very sensitive, so please treat this place gently, stick to the trail, do not litter, do not take any flora or fauna and do not camp in that area. The access is easy although it can be steep in some areas.

Things that caught my attention:

Muline is located in the Victoria range, which features unique rock textures, like swollen veins and nerves on the surface of the rock.

Click on the link below to enjoy a virtual tour of Muline:

Virtual reality climbing guidebook