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The Launch

Virtual reality climbing guidebook
Jake Noblett taking a little whip after finishing climbing Drifting Ashore (20/6b+) at Point Perpendicular



After five years travelling  thousands of kilometres and almost 100,000 pictures taken, I have finally decided to let it go and launch The 360 Guide. During that time I have been able to meet new friends, catch up with old friends and visit different places around Australia and the world.

When I started this project I just wanted to show how places really looks like, but after five years on the road and witnessing first hand how rain patterns are quickly changing, I also want people to start caring about these places and take actions to protect them

Today I would like to thank my wife Damayra and children, Diego and Daniel who have been by my side all this time while developing this project. I also need to thanks My parents, Juan and Elizabeth who gave me life and brought me up the way I am today, otherwise I would have not done this. Last but not least, my friend Jake who has been with me in most of the places featured in this site.

The journey still continues.

I hope you enjoy it and share it.


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